Saturday, December 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Jeremy! and new papers

Today my "Baby J" turned 36! Hard to believe. He's in PA watching the snow and wrapping Christmas gifts. I talked to him on the phone and expect to see him and his girlfriend a day or two after Christmas. Couldn't love him more. Spent a few hours at my father's today talking with dear Miss June about her recently departed sister. She's holding up pretty well considering how close they were. Picked up the fruit cake mixture I'd stored in Dad's fridge and then ran a couple errands. Doused the fruit with more brandy when I got it home and stirred in chopped pecans. Will probably bake some tomorrow. Wrapped a few more items but didn't do much else. Did pack up these stacked papers I made in Winter Wonders theme and put them in store minutes ago:
Other than being in Winter Wonders color and overall theme, they are . . . well, I guess you'd say "assorted." We seem to have caught all the mice that came in, which puts my mind at ease. Now tomorrow I have to get my tree up, do some baking and maybe make a batch or two of fudge. Sending husband to Costco to pick up spiral ham which we'll have for Christmas dinner. So much cleaning to do in next week that I don't want to think about but will just go day to day and hope my fibro stays mild and back doesn't act up too much. Are you ready for the holidays yet? Hugs!

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Stacey said...

beautiful products! hope your feel good in the days to come - so busy here too. need to run!