Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mid January Notes & Challenge Kit

Here it is mid month already and I'm still lagging behind in everything! Hope your holidays were wonderful. Ours was quiet and didn't feel like Christmas until my son and his girlfriend arrived the Friday after. They live in PA now so it's hard on them to make the rounds to see all the parents, other family, and friends. Long drive to VA and all around in the state: Norfolk, Fredericksburg, Richmond, and Charlottesville. They stayed overnight then headed back on the road. Thank heaven Berkeley did most of the driving because Jeremy had worked double shifts to get the time off. Next year, with Berkeley going back to college and reduced finances, they decided they would stay home at Christmas but will come for Thanksgiving. While I totally understand, it's not the same without my best Christmas present (Jeremy) here. Got my flu shot on 12/31 - delaying no longer because flu is epidemic here in VA. We went out for our traditional Chinese dinner on New Year's Eve but 1/1 found me with pain all along my spine and aches and chill. Mild flu? reaction to shot? or just my usual fibro mess triggered by crazy weather, stress, and having done too much? Rested up a few days and all better. Got all ingredients to make Tipsy Cake but didn't get a chance to make and serve because . . . Unfortunately, Miss June developed pneumonia. Docs at hospital sent her home with meds and follow up with her pulmonologist. Said she'd be better off staying indoors at home than in hospital. Pulmonologist put her on more meds and nebulizer and just yesterday she finally started to improve. Meanwhile, Dad got a sinus infection and thrush! So he's being treated too. I decided no resolutions for this year, just monthly goals - no more than 3. For this month, I choose these: 1) Improve housekeeping habits by developing a morning and evening routine that I can stick to so I don't let things go and get overwhelmed. 2) Work on financial record keeping. First, get tax info ready before hubby asks for it. Second, created a budget sheet to better keep track of how I'm doing with controlling expenses. 3) Get hair cut and permed. (It's about half way down my back now.) So far, so-so. I've got numerous projects in various states but my interest isn't there. So I decided I'd participate in Pixelscrapper's January challenge which is to create a mini kit with 6 papers and 12 elements. If I understood correctly, we got to choose our own theme and colors. Below you will find my mini kit called Bundle Up:
I'm not sure I'm doing this right, but I'm putting the links to download it here. Hope you enjoy Be sure to go to Pixelscrapper and check out the other kits.

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Deb Burroughs said...

Thank you for the free mini - I love your style!