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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Tomorrow starts a new week, right?

This has been a week to mess up plans, that's for certain. Near the beginning of the week, the house to my left was broken into. My neighbor has been out to sea 2 weeks and the fireman whose house backs up to his, has been feeding the cat. He went over as usual and found someone had broken in through a window on the side that faces our bedroom. Drawers were rummaged through for money (or possible drugs) and some things were taken. But much of value was left behind, Possibly my husband frightened them off when he left for work in the wee hours. Police can't dust for prints or anything else because the owner isn't available. And they think the thief will come back because he left so much of value behind. Just great! I finally start sleeping well again (never easy) and other little things cloud the sunshine of the days. But no biggie - until . . . Doorbell rings repeatedly around 4am today. I'm asleep, hubby is up at computer but not dressed. So he throws on clothes and goes to door. There's a guy there who identifies himself as a repo man who was driving down our street and comes upon a car that has plowed into my Blazer which was parked out front - in the shoulder at the edge of the lawn. Driver is passed out so man called EMTs and came to let us know our car was damaged. We call the police. The firehouse is just around the corner so EMTs arrive before police. Husband says it takes them maybe 15 minutes to get the guy conscious. But he's not injured and finally is able to crawl across to passenger side and out when police arrive. He is not cooperative, probably because he is under influence of something. Takes them awhile to get any basic info from him. He refuses breath test. turns out he is driving a new 2014 rental car on an out of state license because he has expired VA license. He was driving east on a 4 lane road - 2 lanes each side of median strip - and has come across 4 lanes and smashed into my Blazer. Wait, it gets better. It's freezing cold so hubby send me back inside. When he comes in, he reports that police cuffed the man and put him in their car, then found a gun and some kind of drugs in his car. I will not be going to see my God-daughter lead out bands at the competition. I'm so dead tired I don't even get emotional about it but getting back to sleep when husband goes on to BIL's for work on his car, is near impossible. Phone rings every time I doze off. I called our insurance before trying to go back to sleep so am on alert for adjuster's call. All calls that woke me were bogus stuff. Hubby is away hours longer than expected and the repair we thought would be $16 turned into something over $60. That's just parts. Thank heaven BIL was doing the work. Quarter to 5pm and still no call from adjuster so I have to call insurance company back. we complete the report but it's going to be the other insurance company's responsibility to fix my car. By this time I've got another shingles outbreak. My body decides I'm stressed even when I try not to be. And I'm about out of the anti-viral I take at first sign of outbreak. Guess what? local pharmacies won't have any until Monday. Husband handles call to other insurance company which promises to have an adjuster contact me on Monday. "Go back to bed," he says as he heads out again - to grandson's baseball tournament game. I'm too wired so I decide to do something naughty. No, not what you're thinking! (Shame on you) I have a recipe for 4 minute microwave fudge and on occasion, I've made a smaller batch for emergency fudge fix. I just guess at proportions and time. And this time I guessed badly. Was using a microwavable hard plastic kind of soup bowl. Decided to cut the TV on and find something to watch. Suddenly there is all this loud popping and snapping. It's the microwave - I over estimated the time and hot chocolate mess and thin layers from the inside of the bowl are popping all over the place. So, no fudge, down one bowl, and a mess to clean up. Around 9:30 there's another knock on the door. What now? Nothing bad, just one of the police officers coming back to give us a completed accident report. A report which estimated both my car and the rental as "totaled." Small wonder I didn't get around to fixing a freebie for you today. On the plus side, grandson's team won tournament. Congrats Tyler! And tomorrow starts a new week, right? Fingers crossed it's a better one.


Stacey said...

What a horrible weekend for you! Thank goodness the jerk had insurance! I hope the shingles subside and that you feel better soon! I hope next week is muucchh better for all of you. Congrats to Tyler and his team!

SherryD said...

Thanks Stacey! Waiting on call from his company now. Saw damage for first time late yesterday. Police had marked both cars as "totaled" so I was afraid to look after his car was towed away. It really doesn't look so bad and husband test drove it and thinks it's safe to drive. We were worried about transmission but so far so good.