Thursday, November 21, 2013

Corrected link for Thanksgiving elements & new stuff

First, I apologize for being in too much of a rush the other night when I posted the link for the first element zip for Let Us Give Thanks. Please go back to the original post for the corrected link. My thanks to Stacey for bringing this to my attention. I will be adding the other parts over the next few days but it might be a little erratic, so be patient, please. Added a couple more Harvest Moon things today:
I still have a few more things in that folder to finish up and load before the month's end. I'm not expecting to be on-line much or at PC over the next week or so. My husband will be on a 2 week vacation starting Saturday and between holiday cleaning and cooking and entertaining, shopping for new dryer, Christmas shopping and, yes, continued battle with insurance companies (neither of the 2 companies involved on the driver's end wants to pay!) designing and blogging will be last in priority. I do have 2 templates and a PU element package ready for next CAK, Winter Wonders, which will start December 1st, but that's it. Lots of ideas in my to-do folder but not sure how they will work with the chaos of the next month.
Hope your holiday planning and shopping etc is going well for you. It's a wonderful time of year but stressful for numerous reasons. We miss loved ones no longer with us or who can't make it home to celebrate. We juggle the usual demands of family, work, and household, adding in planning holiday celebrations, additional shopping, cooking and so on. At times it can be overwhelming. Just remember that the reasons for the season are what is most important. Focus on being grateful for the blessings we have. Whether you are Christian or not, understand that Christmas is a celebration of love: God's love for us and our love for one another. If you don't accomplish everything you would like, it's okay. Do what you can and accept what is. Maybe you can't afford to give the sort of gifts you'd like to give but whatever you give with love, even just a hug, should be (& hopefully will be) recognized for the thought and love you've put into it.

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