Saturday, October 27, 2018

More Autumn Elegance

Writing this on Friday in advance. Yesterday I made my three month visit to pulmonologist. Thought the breathing test went easier and was surprised to learn I've lost another 2% of lung capacity. Down to 70% now. But the PA said it might just be change in temps and sinus problems contributing so nothing different until I go back in January for re-testing. Afterwards I ran some errands and then went for my flu shot. Turned out I was eligible for the Prevnar 13 pneumonia vacine which pulmonologist had said he wanted me to have. So I came away with flu injection in right arm and pneumonia one in left. Yes, my arms are sore but so long as I don't get sick from either, that's okay. Temps here fell to 52 degrees and it is raining but tomorrow might be clear. Still working at art journaling. Made a page for a friend who is grieving for her mother. Have ideas on two other pages but they are more complicated so still just planning.

For Saturday we have this following zip which includes a little doll who is ready to go out for a walk among the falling leaves.

I've got a zip ready for Tuesday but have got to get busy this weekend to ready the following week.

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GrannieEv said...

thank you for sharing and I hope those shots keep the bugs away from you