Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween! freebie!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday but I was on a road trip to Cape Charles with 3 friends. We drove through the historic area to look at all the old Victorian houses that have been all spruced up in fanciful color combinations. Love the gingerbread trim and those wrap around porches. One huge house that sat on a corner had been all decked out on every side for Halloween. We visited the shops, took a break in a little cafe, then headed to the beach. Cape Charles has a huge fishing pier on the sound side of Chesapeake Bay. Before walking the pier, 3 of us decided to walk down close to the waters edge. (The fourth was wearing canvas shoes and was afraid of getting them wet.) We enjoyed walking up and down in the salty breeze. The water was really clean, unlike the bay side where all kinds of debris washes in and beach visitors are prone to leave junk too. It was very pleasant until the 3 of us decided to climb back up to the area leading to the pier. We chose a different place then where we had stepped down onto the beach. I got to go first. And suddenly what had apeared to be hard packed sand gave way when I put my foot on it. I was pitched forward and landed from the waist up in some kind of seaside plants that has spikey seed pods (I forget what we called them when I was a kid). From the waist down it was mostly sand. Fortunately my head and neck didn't make impact with the pods but elsewhere I had many many of the prickly things clinging to me. Most were on my left forearm and elbow because I'd put that arm out when I was falling. But they were also stuck through my shirt to my breasts and stomach, and a couple pierced my jeans on my calf. We used a tissue wrapped around our fingers to pick the things off but some of the spikes broke off in my skin and it was hard to grasp the bits above the skin to pull them out. There were a few I couldn't remove until I got home and used tweezers. My left palm, elbow and foreman are still painful after digging the spikes out. Such fun! But I wasn't about to destroy the day so we walked the pier, watched the lone fisherman up there catch a sea bass, watched the sand pipers (so cute) running in the surf looking for tasty bits. We drove a little further up RT 13 but didn't see anything interesting so stopped and had a meal at Stingray's Restaurant before heading home.

In other news, my grandson, Tyler was elated his Boston Red Sox won the World Series.

My son and DIL bought their first home yesterday, a townhouse in Mechanicsville, PA.

Last night after tending to my wounds, I decided to spend the rest of the evening with my husband so didn't post. But the 8th zip of Autumn Elegance is Halloween themed anyway and here you go:
Hope you have a safe and happy Halloween.


KM Miller said...

What a fun trip until you played with the pricklies. Ouch. I love old houses and huge wrap around porches. I also like modern heating, plumbing and electricity! Build new to look old??? ;)
Congrats to the Sox and your grandson.
Take care of yourself.


Scarette said...

I cheered for the Red Sox too! Great kit!