Sunday, September 30, 2018

Picture this

Do you watch Funniest Home Videos? I rarely do because it seems many of them are contrived. Yesterday there was a moment when I wished (sort of) that someone was filming a few moments before my friends and I left for Smithfield's Autumn Vintage Market. The scene: a parking lot at a local shopping mall. A burgundy Toyota Highlander driven by me pulls into the parking lot. Seconds later, 5 women of, shall we say, "vintage" age climbed out of their cars and came towards me. I got out and there were hugs all around. I was the designated driver for the trip. We thought since the Highlander had third row seating, we'd all fit in and avoid taking two cars. I had had no reason to use the third row seating up to that point. I thought putting the third seat up would be no problem but quickly realized I didn't know how anyone could get back there! Chaos ensued as I tried to figure it out with the help of my friends. Picture 6 little old ladies, pushing and pulling and thinking out loud. "Maybe you're supposed to just crawl over the second seats?" one suggested. We finally figured out how to move the second row seats so our smallest member could climb in back. She was wonderfully cheery about it all. We were okay. Until we got to Smithfield and had to get out. One friend who'd had knee replacement had trouble getting out of the second row passenger seat even though the driver's seat was forward as far as it would go. The rest climbed out okay except for the one in the very back. With the second row seat pulled forwarded and folded over, she tried to scramble out but the long ride hadmade her stiff. One of the others went around and helped pull her out. She practically tumbled into the waiting arms. We switched around some on the way home but no one complained. Once there, we tried to find soemplace to have a late breakfast. After trying several places to learn that there was over an hour wait, Madeline and I found a bakery with a crowd but operating efficiently and got a bite to eat. We were disappointed by the items for sale - some vintage but mostly primative and a lot of junk. There was an Irish shop along the route and that was a bright spot. I came home with a nice Connemara marble bracelet and a pewter tree of life necklace. Despite the travel accomodations, the heat and humidity at the market and the disappointment, we all agreed it was a good day. Good friends and lots of laughter. But we are going to wait for cooler weather before attempting another road trip. And will probably take 2 cars!

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KM said...

Hi there! It has been a long while, a long road of caring for my parents and I am not complaining, I have just been occupied.
I love the story of the Vintage Ladies, it gave me a much appreciated smile.
Have a wonderful day.