Saturday, September 22, 2018

Already Saturday? And a Mermaid Journal freebie

Finally spoke with my friend, Joyce, who lives in Jacksonville N.C. I've been worried because I hadn't been able to reach her and knew Jacksonville got hit hard by hurricane Florence. Her grand-daughter and great-granddaughter had left early on to go stay with family in Tennesee. Joyce had planned to ride the storm out but a few days before it hit, she began to be concerned with developments and she packed up and headed to her daughter's in TN. She knows there are a lot of power outages in Jacksonville but isn't aware of how their homes fared. At least for now, she is safe and dry.

I think you will like today's Mermaid Journal. I created this mermaid myself using a number of drawings and Poser figurs as reference. It's humorous and something many of us can identify with.

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