Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Tuesday freebie - late!

Interesting week so far. Monday was spent with my God-daughter & neice, Rachel. She had invited me to go shopping with her. I took her to lunch at Jason's Deli (always try to introduce her to new places), then off we went to Hobby Lobby, coupons in hand. Rachel both knits and crochets but lately has been favoring knitting and she was hoping to find some interesting yarn. We are both working on shawls and planning for next project. Neither of us liked the selection - nothing grabbed us. I was also looking for some tiny hinges for a rosewood box that had belonged to my Mother. No luck on that either. However, they were having a fabric sale - 30% off - and I spotted some chocolate Minke. Bought what I hope is enough to line a patchwork velvet piece I have. Back when I was constantly on alert for interesting fabrics for my crazy quilt stash, I found a long velvet patchwork skirt - probably 60s or 70s - in a thrift store and snapped it up. When I took it apart, I wa surprised to find that instead of just some useable pieces, once the waistband was off, and back seam (only seam it turned out) was opened, I was left with a large regtangle, big enough for a lap throw. Too pretty to cut up, so I put it aside, intending to line it and use it as a throw. Never got around to backing it but will now and what a pretty autumn throw it will make. We also visited A.C. Moore but weren't tempted by their yarn either. Last stop was Quinton's Tea Shop in Virginia Beach. Lots of yummy teas to sniff and acessories to look over. Rachel bought a couple 2 oz bags of fruit flavored teas and a cute lilypad infuser. The rose tea smelled so good and conjured up visions of warmth and contentment so I bought some of that, plus a couple bags of scone mixes to take as gifts when I go to Richmond next month. We had a little thunderstorm going off and on so Rachel and I went and brought pizza home for dinner and she stayed until things settled down.

Thought I'd be posting yesterday when I got home from lunch and gab session with the Ladies Who Lunch. But right at the end of our time together, I got hit with wave of dizziness and fatigue. Got home and crashed for hours with good 'ole Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Our lunch meeting was fun with some of us sharing old photos of days gone by. But one thing that sort of rankled with me was when the woman to my right mentioned she had talked to the woman who got so upset last time over our discussion of religion and spirituality. That woman, who wasn't present yesterday, told our friend that we shouldn't allow talk about politics or religion because it upset her. That felt like censorship. I mean, another person could than say we shouldn't talk about the homeless because it makes her uncomfortable. Or about the future of Social Security or Medicare because that makes someone anxious. Or even, don't talk about your grand children; it makes me sad because I don't have any. Ever heard of tuning out when you aren't interested in the conversation? Maybe I'm off base but I feel that if there is going to be any censorship of topics, it should be from a group consensus.

My apologies for no post yesterday. I have this for you:

BTW - my Dropbox is getting full so I've had to delete some files. Anything from the first quarter is now gone.

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