Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Zip 10 of Mermaid Journal freebie

I noticed some comments about reading and wondered if all of you who use e-readers (I use Kindle Fire) know about the many sites where you can get cheap or free e-books? Amazon has lots of free ebooks for it's readers but there are also sites like bookbub.com, bookriot.com and earlybirdbooks@openroadmedia.com where you can find bargains on anything from classics to new and self-published fiction and non-fiction.

Hurricane Florence is on it's way and all sorts of things are being cancelled, places shut down through 9/16! Storm not expected to make landfall until Thursday but it's a level 4 and might become level 5. Some local areas are evacuating already. Zone A here in Norfolk to evacuate tomorrow morning. I'm in Zone C and planning on going to lunch with friends in Vriginia Beach tomorrow. Of course could wake up to strong winds and rain and then will reevaluate.

Anyway, did you know that mermaid legends extend back to 8th century? If you are interested in the folklore you might enjoy this:
Not so much about mermen but what I read about the Irish merman makes them sound like something I wouldn't want to meet - ugly with green seaweed like hair and green scales and a red nose! Nothing like the handsome Poser type mermen you might see if you google merman images. I've also noticed that many modern depictions of mermen suggest they are homsexual. Really? Where do all the merbabies come from? Got to thinking about how we might find juvenile looking mermaids but rarely merbabies. So I created a couple myself and you will find them in today's zip.
Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/42jsdodq03i24o3/ws_MermaidJournal_10.zip?dl=0

Since I don't know what Thursday will bring, I'm going ahead and advance scheduling zip 11.
Stay safe!

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Sue Kimmet said...

Stay safe! No need to become a mermaid lol...