Sunday, January 7, 2018

18 degrees outside & I'm being lazy & thinking

Asking questions on FB page here:
Or you can respond here.
Do any of you art journal?
Do any of you make artist trading cards (ATC)?
What kind of freebies do you like best? ex: daily download kits, quickpages, templates, brushes,clusters, borders, other

And for PSP and users of products other than PhotoShop or Photoshop Elements, a question about brushes.
In PS brushes have an abr suffix. What other programs can use this type of brush? I've been told that PSP uses jbr suffix and that you can often take an abr brush and change the suffix to jbr and it will work in PSP. Is that true? Asking so I know if it is worthwhile making and offering free brushes.

Okay going to go do someting useful now.

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KM Miller said...

Good Morning!

I do believe we here in MN are warmer than you! 26 degrees today. It's been 2 and one half weeks since we've seen daily highs out of the single digits and low teens. So happy not to have to soak icy puddles off the inside of the window sills because of -20 at night!

Your questions:
No art journals
I like all you designs. QP are the easiest for me and whelp me complete albums quickly. Qp that match a kit are a bonus!
I use My Memories software. I do not have PhotoShop software.

Have a productive day!