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Monday, July 18, 2016

Vacation Blues, Illness, and finally a freebie!

Our vacation was a disaster! Missed flight connections, crowded planes, vast airports, extreme heat, old age! I'll spare you the details but it was no fun! We stayed exhausted, stress triggered the healing shingles to flare up, the extent of our COPD became evident, and to make matters worse, we picked up a virus of some kind and were sick after we got home! All last week we felt awful and mostly slept. Now there is a mess to clear up. My husband and his sister are visiting with family and running into complications with their plans. A dear friend had a death in her family and one of husband's co-workers just died. I think Jeremy and Berkeley's bad luck has rubbed off on us!

Because I haven't been busy making a new kit, I'm going to give you a summer tagger kit I made a while back. I don't often make tagger kits and when I do I create them at 300 dpi instead of the more typical 72 dpi and I size the papers at 800 x 800 pixels. I do this because then they are usable (with a tiny bit of stretching perhaps) by people who create Artist Trading Cards which are sized at 2.5" x 3.5" and usually at 300 dpi for printing. I hope you will find this kit useful whether you tag, make ATCs or create journal pages. Will try to get back on track real soon.




makeyesup said...

Oh my, think all of you have to go into hibernation for at least a week until all those black clouds hanging over you move on. Take care.

KM Miller said...

Goodness, happy to have you back but very sorry for the difficulties you are facing. The motto that keeps me going is, Nothing is ever to big for God.
Thank you for the kit. You are so thoughtful even under stress!