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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Freebie time! Beach Weather zip 2

Today is not quite as hot as it's been being - only 85 and the humidity seems a little lower. Of course, I was only outside long enough to check mail and bring in the trash can lol. Trying to get a few things done around the house as husband and SIL will be back tomorrow from their visit with friends and family in NJ and NY. He e-mailed this morning that the heat in NY is oppressive - big surprise! - and he is eager to get home. Hoping he can find someplace on I-95 coming home to stop and bring me a box of CinnaBuns. We no longer have any locally and I miss them. Not that I should be eating them, of course, but an occasional indulgence isn't bad.

Today's zip contains a paper and a couple of items one would need to relax in the sun.

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