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Friday, July 29, 2016

Opressive heat continues and freebie

Thursday was doctor day. First thing in the morning I took my father for an eye exam with a new doctor. Got him settled back at home and came by my house with enough time to grab a cold drink and check in to see how things went with my husband who had an appointment to get new Bipap equipment. Back out in the heat again and a trip to the pulmonologist for me. Breathing test in the little booth always sets me on a coughing jag. Spoke with the Physician Assistant about how the heat has been effecting me and several episodes of chest tightness. Doubled the dose of my inhaler to see if that will help. As I leave that office I see a young Army mother and her two children who were in the lobby waiting for a ride when I had arrived early for my appointment. It was after two o'clock and her babies had not been home for lunch and a nap. Not so bad for the infant (just several months old) as she was being breastfed but the two year-old had gone through all her snacks and becoming antsy. There was a problem with the service who was supposed to pick them up so I found out she didn't live far from me and gave them a ride home. I was supposed to go back over to Dad's to give him his balanced checkbook and pick up a prescription but the little bit of extra time spent in the sun helping to load and unload the babies and their stroller etc. had done me in. Came home and crashed. This was the zip I was supposed to post:
And here is today's zip:

Weatherman said we might get some relief from the heat next week. But it doesn't sound like much and will come with thunderstorms. And August often brings hurricanes. Did I mention we had a tornado watch yesterday? I am so looking forward to fall!


KM Miller said...

Bless you for helping out that young mother.
Pray that you are feeling better soon. We in MN are enjoying a short span of cooler weather and lower humidity over the weekend. High dew points and humidity are my kryptonite!


Mary Tincher said...

Thank you!