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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Friday freebie

Another hot one - temperature in low 90s but feels like 100. Needless to say, I'm staying put in the A/C. Hubby and SIL got back yesterday afternoon and although it didn't sound like it to me, he said they had a good time. Once again problems due to COPD and neuropathy made it difficult for him to get around. The NY City subways and trains are not handicap friendly. Lots of stairs, no ramps and great distances to walk. He sadly reported it might be his last trip to the city he loves. He did get the Lupini beans he's been wanting. I'd never heard of them but it's a food he grew up and since his mother passed away the first part of this year, he's been quite nostalgic. He remembered eating these beans with her as a snack. Apparently, they are well known to Italians. He described them to me as looking like butter beans but pickled so that their skin is tough. You split the skin with your teeth, eat the bean inside and discard the skin. Doesn't sound particularly good to me, but what do I know? He brought home maybe a half dozen or so jars of these things and that after giving away another 3 or 4. I haven't tried them yet so can't say what I think of them. They also stopped at a roadside stand on Eastern Shore and picked up 2 dozen ears of Silver Queen corn - one dozen for us and one for his sister's household. Will be eating some of that tonight at dinner. And I got my Cinnabuns!

Had bad headache last night and around 2 a.m. was coughing like crazy. So I got up for some ginger ale, tried to sleep again and got back up around 5:30am. Had a Cinnabun and cup of coffee and read some of the new M. J. Rose novel that arrived Thursday. After all that sugar, I was finally able to sleep hard and didn't get up until after 12 p.m.! Rose's new novel, The Secret Language Of Stones, is the second in her Daughters of La Lune series. I haven't wanted to put it down and am already about halfway through! Her imagery is so vivid! You might want to check it out here at her publisher's page:

For today's freebie, let's go snorkling!

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