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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Zip 26 of Steamy Spring freebie

Very humid day with fog not lifting until after noon! Had lunch (she crab soup for me) at the Captain's Galley and sat and talked for hours. A nap this afternoon and that was the end of my day lol. Over half way through Larkin's blanket. The main body of it, that is. Then there is the big border to do. On way back from movie the other day, I stopped in Hancock Fabrics to see if I could pick up some yarn at good price since they are going out of business. But really there wasn't much selection and prices weren't so hot. For instance, I like Lion Brand's Homespun and want to make a shrug for fall. Hancock was selling it at about $8/skein so even with discount not a bargain! I watch sales at Michael's and A. C. Moore and they often have it on sale at about $3/skein. However, I did buy 3 skeins of a bulky yarn that is machine wash and dry. I want to try making a bathmat that will be absorbent and easy to wash. Guess that will be next crochet project.

In today's zip we have some pretty hatboxes, a pair of taller boots and a jacket. Don't know why I got the bug to make this a steampunk shopping excursion but sure had fun with it.

Not sure what will be next but know next week and the following will be busy ones. Next week it's Larkin's birthday, some travel, and The Wedding! I'll get back from all that and will be taking June for surgery on Monday and helping with her, then Thursday our DIL, Tanya, is having back surgery and we will be trying to help out there. So, I might go simple here with some papers and element packs rather than a big themed kit. I am also thinking about putting together a printable journal kit in a 5" x 7" size. That would be pages to print on cardstock, some elements, tags, little pockets etc. Such kits are selling on etsy and the like for $10 and up. Generally I do art journal pages on letter size paper so I can slip them into plastic page keepers when finished and store in a binder. That works well for me but there is an appeal to designed papers ready to be embellished and written on in a more comfortable carrying size. Any interest in this?

Time to go grab a sandwich and settle in to do some rows on the blanket. Hugs!

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