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Monday, June 6, 2016

Happy Birthday Larkin! & freebie

Today our granddaughter, Larkin, turned 6! Poor baby spent the morning at clinic because she is suffering from conjunctivitis in both eyes. Once she was home we went to see her and give her a bicycle. Hot pink with white tires on blue rims, mylar tassels on the handlebars, a seat in white with blue and pink paisley and a cute zip up pouch on the front. The pouch will be perfect for the Hello Kitty bike gloves and hot pink knee and elbow pads her maternal grandmother gave her. Her mother got her a funny helmet like a unicorn head that continues the hot pink and blue theme. It's an 18" bike with training wheels so she had to stretch to get on but once she realized she was safe, she started learning how to ride. Her mother will be getting a lot of exercise with her for sure lol. Got to get some photos soon. (Forgot my camera!)

Anyway, lots to do over next few days as Jeremy and Berkeley's wedding is on the 11th. Here's hoping that we get some rain free days with low humidity and nice temperatures for the weekend. Today we have zip 29 of Steamy Spring. It contains a decorative metallic disk, a jeweled piece you could put on a frame, and a counter top jewelry display box. Thought I'd never get that piece finished.
Link: One more zip of this kit to come, then we move on.