Sunday, October 19, 2014

Quick Post & freebie

Just a quick post tonight. There's football on the TV so I'm hiding out in the computer room to be away from some of the noise. Just really tired but it's almost time for me to go in and fix the family their nightly snack so I'm working on a set of simple autumn papers. Have a simple little freebie for you tonight - a treat bag topper. It fits the top of Ziplock sandwich baggies. We're on a main street so don't get treat-or-treaters. Most people now take their children to shopping malls, churches or schools for Halloween festivities. But I usually have a little something on hand for grandchildren, the man who cuts our grass and so forth. I recommend using the "print to edge" option on your printer, and if you use cardstock you will get a crisper, nicer looking topper.
Link: I'm giving a Halloween tea for grand-daughter, her mother, and my niece on Saturday 11/1 so I'm going in to work on the menu now. Hugs!

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Stacey said...

thanks for the awesome treat topper - we still get alot of kids here for halloween. I'll be counting how many are Elsa of Frozen this year - LOL. Have fun with your tea party menu. spent this weekend with my 2 1/2year old niece she is just so adorable!