Sunday, October 26, 2014

Another week begins

and here I am, at the PC as I let my tummy calm down. Having some digestive issues so not a good idea to lie down and try to sleep. This past week seemed to fly by. Weather has been bouncing around here in Tidewater and that (& stress) has triggered two migraines. The first wasn't bad but Friday's lingered into late Saturday afternoon and by then I was too exhausted to want to do anything. Still, I did accomplish a couple things last week: went for my annual GYN exam with a new doc. Think she's from Brazil. Very nice. She said since all my past PAP tests had been free of problems, I will no longer have to get that done. While in vicinity, I made a follow up visit with my primary care doc for this coming Monday. The best thing was managing to go to the pool 2 days and exercise without putting myself in too much pain for days after. Aiming for 3 days this week and then stay on a regular schedule.
I've been getting into tea party mode. Spent some time (too much) on Pinterest collecting tea quotes for a little paste book I want to make and looking for new recipes to try. When I give a tea party, I go about it in a big way lol. Typically, I make my own invitations, decorate the dining room, hang an appropriate flag outside the front door. I make up treat bags for each guest and plan the menu to include a salad &/or savory course, followed by scones and spreads, and finished up with a sweet course. And tea, of course! Sometimes I'll have an activity for guests. especially younger guests. This time it's going to be such a chore just to remove excess stuff from dining room, clear table, and find a place to put all the misplaced items, that I'm taking a number of shortcuts. I sent a Halloween card with tea party invitation written in. I decided that since Halloween will be over with the day before, I'll just call this a Fall Tea or Pumpkin Party Tea and go easy on Halloween elements. I've got a fall leaf garland that I will drape and will use a fall tablecloth, cheating with paper napkins. For our first course, I'm making pumpkin dip to go with red and green apple slices. We'll consider that a "salad." Tea sandwiches will be simple homemade egg salad and I'll cut bread with a pumpkin cookie cutter and make up ham and cheese sandwiches. There will also be cheese popcorn on the side for crunch. For the scone course, I'm going to try a recipe that is supposed to be the one Queen Elizabeth gives to her family members. It's just a basic scone and yes, I'll make it up first early in the week to make sure it turns out well. To go with the scones, lemon curd, orange marmalade, and faux Devonshire cream. Will try to go by the local British Shoppe to see if they have any real Double Devonshire in stock but good to have a backup plan. For the sweets course, I've got Kroger's Lemon shortbread cookies and will pick up some mini cupcakes instead of baking those myself. For tea, we will drink Stash's wonderful Chai. The aroma alone is delicious! It's cold and flu season so I'm going practical with the treat bags: cough drops, pocket tissue packs, lip balm, small hand sanitizer, and a Skittles Halloween character. We will try playing Halloween bingo, using candy corn as markers. Not sure what prize will be yet. And there will be tulle wrapped parcels of candy corn and pumpkins for each guest to take home. Will see if my niece and the other Rachel can take some photos for us to share. Gathered a lot of ideas for next couple of tea parties too. An easy way to waste time. Was going to show you a photo of the snuggle sack and bunny lovey I made for Nicole's baby but can't figure out how to get my printer to read the camera card with new PC.

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Stacey said...

How fun that sounds. sure wish my niece lived closer - spending last weekend with her was so great. of course I was exhausted afterwards so this week all i've been doing is catching up - finally on Thursdays mail so only a few hundred more till I catch up! thanks for the new link. sorry I couldn't see it before!