Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mid way through another week & a freebie

It's Wednesday already? I don't remember much about Sunday except Dad's visit. Oh, and hubby made delicious barbeque! Need to buy him a new pressure cooker though because this one is leaking and what a mess it was to clean it off the glass stove top. Monday I took my SIL out to lunch at Joe's Crab Shack where we feasted on shrimp. This is my husband's sister, the one who had breast cancer and she is doing pretty well. Naturally, there is still a good bit of anxiety and depression but she's getting help and her moods are stabilizing. Afterwards, we went over to Michael's Arts & Crafts where I bought some charms for bookmarks my niece wants to make. Yesterday, niece was still off on school holiday and while we watched American Horror Story's first session on Netflix (blood and gore not really my thing; I prefer psychological thrillers) we both crocheted like crazy and she baked some caramel apple cupcakes from a new mix we found. Tasty but very sweet. Today I will be delivering baby gifts for Baby Chloe, 3rd girl for one of my doctors receptionist. Almost forgot to take photos and when I did my hands were shaking badly from low blood sugar. Will try to post those later tonight. I still have some of the variagated yarn I made the snuggle sacks and caps from and some of the green I used to make frog lovey for my nephew's baby boy. Also made a frog hat and a frog drool bib with it! Now I'm using those two leftover yarns to make a diaper cover. Hope it will be enough; if not, I'll take it apart and save for another project. Have been experimenting with some vintage Halloween stickers and made a couple papers. Not my best efforts but perhaps someone can use them?
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Stacey said...

the papers are adorable! thank you! would love to see pictures of your crochet work. my mother inlaw crochets - I prefer candle/soap making, but this year am going to try and knit socks on my new sock loom. I hope it turns out okay. I haven't crocheted since I was young, but appreciate the skill in others!