Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What made you smile today?

For my husband, it was the arrival of a box of bialys. The box came courtesy of his cousin as payoff of a SuperBowl bet. She'd been snowed so so was just getting it out to him. For me, it was watching my husband as he enjoyed this old favorite from his childhood in Brooklyn. I tried one, ate one but found it relatively tastlessm, even the onion in the middle, and tough and chewy enough it could pull your teeth out lol. Sore today from yesterday's PT session which included some "compression" on my spine. Oh well, at least I worked on decluttering the living room and made homemade chili today. Was working with a couple design ideas but they just weren't coming together as I'd like. And I'm seriously running out of hard drive space. That's bad because I have one 500 GB external, another internal hard drive that I think is maybe 800 GB and the main drive which is 1 TB. My husband is correct that I have a bunch of junk on there that needs to be removed. What makes it worse is that I got awfully sloppy in terms of organization so it is taking time to go through files and figure out what is what. I've got to put together some sort of sale for the store this month March, I mean) and see about getting something new in store. What I'd really like would be to wake up in the morning and find that the Good House Fairy has visited and cleaned my house. With leftover chili for dinner and housework done, I could be good and do my exercises for PT, then go in and finish up the quilt blocks waiting on the sewing machine. I'd really like to get several crazy quilt blocks (for a bed runner) pieced and embellishments picked out to work with. I think the change of activity would be good for me and perhaps help lift this mood and get me motivated. Meanwhile, today I read more in Mrs. Poe and should have finished it by tomorrow. What to read then? Or perhaps write?

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Stacey said...

I'm so bad at my scrap organizing, it will take forever for me to sort everything, too. If you ever find that housecleaning fairy send him/her to my house after they do yours - LOL