Saturday, February 8, 2014

New page borders & freebie

I know, I know. My blog header needs replacing and I promised a freebie I didn't manage to put up. Starting going to PT and by the time I got home didn't want to do much else. Also taking my father to doctor. And next week will be busier: 2 PT sessions plus take Dad for eye surgery (a minor thing overall) etc. etc. On the plus side, if I cut back on the frequency of the exercises prescribed to where it's only a little uncomfortable, they are helping. And June is recovering from her pneumonia finally. Only made it through one of my January goals, that of getting financial papers etc in better order and gathering materials for taxes. My husband was pleasantly surprised when I handed him all the info without him having to ask! He's already sent federal tax forms off and will get state done in about two weeks when he is off work to go to a Bluegrass party. For some reason, we've had no trouble with federal taxes but when we do our own state, it always comes back as in error. So we started going downtown and getting the state tax people to do it and all is well. Did get some potentially bad news tonight. My son called, saying he'd been putting off calling until he knew more about a health issue he'd been having last couple weeks. He's getting some kind of heart palpations or unuusal heart beat and been to see a cardiologist. Of course, as these things go, it wasn't happening while he was in the office, so they sent him a heart monitor to try and capture such events. The monitor arrived as planned but had some sort of kink in the lead wires so wouldn't record anything. He's got another now and will be monitoring for next couple weeks. Would appreciate any prayers on his behalf. I put together some page borders for the Valentine Romance CAK at DigiStyleDesigns. It's a full size set of 6 and they are CU4CU.
And here is a free page border for you:

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Stacey said...

thank you for the beautiful gift! your son will be in my prayers. I hope it's nothing serious!