Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Talk about . . .

On my laptop because I wanted to see the Olympic ice skating. Love that, as did my Mom. The rest of winter sports doesn't grab me much although I watched snow boarding with my grandson over the weekend. And there should be basketball? I prefer college (mens) basketball but . . . Just can't get it together. Some of it I'll blame on this PT schedule and I'll confess I'm not being all that commplyent at home - every two hours? really? Only 30 minutes a stretch at PC? Yikes! Yesterday I came home in snow flurries and just didn't want to do a thing. Was feeling tired and bored too. Didn't want to take a nap so sat down at PC and decided to browse Pinterest to get some ideas for the next teat I'll do for the girls. Too late to do anything Valentine's Day themed. Mostly was browsing with thoughts of creating some articulated paper dolls for the girls to put together. An activity is good for the moments I need to clear dishes or get something out of oven and so on. I've got a couploe basic art doll templates but was looking for some inspiration. Pinterest is dangerous for me! I start with one search but then there are threads to other interesting sites that I "must" check before I forget where I saw them. Next thing I know, I've been looking for hours and haven't done a thing useful. Talk about reading - finished up Stephen King's Dr. Sleep (takes over from where THe Shining left off in the sense that it tells what happened to the little boy.) It was a slow start for me but then, like good brain candy, it became addictive and soon I'd gobbled it all up. Dad brought over a paperback copy of Dan Brown's Deception Point which I'm well into now. Gee, there is a cold draft coming from somewhere here and I'm reading about the Artic? Today I used a little goodie I picked up at Food Lion the other day - a tea infuser mug from Cool Gear.
I've got a number of other tea infusers but haven't been that happy with them. With this, you can add either loose tea of a tea bag into the infuser tube, twist onto lid, add boiling water to the mug, top with infuser lid and let steep. Today I had some Kama Sutra Chai loose tea from Discover Teas http://www.discoverteas.com/ I shop at their Williamsburg store when I'm out that way, but you can shop on line. This is one yummy chai - not too spicey and has a floral note. I enjoyed two cups with the same tea I loaded for the first. Then I compounded my errors of the last few days. I took a long nap. Woke up too late to make the beef stew I'd planned so it was cowboy beans for dinner. Hubby was not impressed but didn't complain too much. Got to give it up, go make coffee for tomorrow, put dishes in dishwasher and do another set of exercises. Then back to computer room to get down some of those (too many) tabs I've got up looking at stuff, renew my cell phone and hopefully put up another freebie. PS Thanks Linnea for the lovely header. I couldn't seem to get around to making my own and your bird header hints at the kit I have in the works.

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