Saturday, February 22, 2014

Still designing but slowly

PT this week was rough. Monday had a minor tumble while practicing a new exercise that I couldn't handle well because of my balance problems. Wednesday we switched gears and focused on getting up from the floor lol. By Wednesday evening my pain level was up to an 8 and sleep was hard to come by that night and next. Good news is that Friday I got a call from my rheumatologist's office saying that they had asked my insurance company to reconsider the denial they had made for the Voltarin gel I use for pain. Hubby picked it up today and I'm set with that for awhile. Had a couple things I'd been working on for the Valentine Romance CAK and just couldn't decide if I was satisfied with that I finished up today. One is a set of papers that is more contemporary than I usually do
I'm still not crazy about them but who knows? Another is a mix of elements I'd been making for the CAK. 8 elements all CU4CU.
Then a set of colored overlays I had been playing with for my kit that didn't go in
And, finally a free contemporary paper for you
Pick it up here I'm thinking about taking March off to attend to some other matters and decide whether I want to continue trying to sell designs at Digi Style Designs or give it up and just play.


Stacey said...

thank you for the beautiful qp! hope your pain level gets to a much more manageable level. PT is sometimes so hard.

SherryD said...

thanks Stacey. PT started out so promising but ended poorly.