Sunday, December 4, 2016

Just chatting

I can't seem to get motivated today! Maybe it's the weather. It's gotten cold after a couple of days of unseasonably warm weather in 70s. Of course, by "cold" I mean Tidewater version - 47 degrees. I read Kristy's comment about snow and thought back to when I lived in Richmond and the pretty snowfalls we had. Love to be able to sit at the window, book in one hand, cup of tea at the other and watch snow fall. Did accomplish a few things yesterday - got ornament boxes out (hubby will bring tree in tomorrow. Today he's watching football.)' made turkey potpie (yummy and saves cooking tonight), left a mess in kitchen which hubby had cleaned before I got up today, ordered another gift or two. Not all that much done really but had some balance problems. Think my Eustachian tube was blocked.

Just talked to Daddy and he's got problems with fluid buildup again. I have a feeling when we go back to cardiologist on 19th we will learn that he needs a pacemaker. He's asked me to pickup prescriptions for him tomorrow and help him put wreath above the fireplace. I'm hoping to bake fruitcakes tomorrow night and get that out of the way. Also start making batches of my 4 minute microwave fudge. I've got a list of family and friends who want some. Hubby told me that on Friday we are going to pick up Lisa and Larkin, go to Crackerbarrel for dinner and then take them to see the light show at Azalea Gardens. In addition, he has to bake 2 pumpkin cakes for his retiree luncheon on Saturday.

I haven't been able to find an affordable outfit to wear to Snowball Express on Saturday (Red Hat Christmas party). The organizer wants everyone to wear red and white or one or the other only. I understand her vision but I have neither time nor a lot of money to put into getting a special outfit for this event. Guess I will wear the red satin with black print and trim Chinese long tunic over black leggings. It was a thrift store find in my size (fits nicely) for only $7. I think it is festive - just not all red and white. The Queen of my local group told me that the organizer will not approve and I'm sure that is true. However, I had joined the Red Hat Society to meet people and make friends. I thought it was supposed to be about sisterhood, not about who dresses the best and has the most bling (they love rhinestones). In my little group it is about sisterhood but in the larger society not so much, which is very disappointing. My comeback to my Queen was, "If Karen doesn't approve, she is welcome to buy me an outfit she approves of." Although my Queen & friend is one of the warmest, kindest people I know, she seemed offended by my remark and told me she didn't care what I wear, but was just letting me know how it would be perceived. Sure didn't mean to upset her but I find I have little patience lately for such things. For a short while I felt like I must be an awful person but I was being honest. Oh well, I paid my fee so I'm going. Hope to not embarrass my friends. Those who want to look down their noses at me - let them. They haven't a clue who and what I am and their opinions don't matter to me. As I told Mary when she was feeling bad about being snubbed at the convention by these "better-than-you" women, all that bling they are wearing is not diamonds and neither are they. Beginning to wish I'd kept my $60. We will have some kind of chicken for lunch and I don't care much for chicken. Could care less about looking at the hats, clothing, and rhinestones stuff vendors will have, don't line dance. Just wanted a chance to spend more time with my friends.

Had best head out to garage and get laundry to fold. Should be able to finish one sweater sleeve today and maybe half of the second one. Will try to get one batch of fudge made and boxed. And have to figure out what kind of hat I can make to wear Saturday.

Oh, if you use an e-reader like Kindle, I just got the coolest accessory. I purchased one of these:
Using this is so much more comfortable than trying to hold on the Kindle while reading. I do have a case with a stand but found that it made the Kindle heavier and I was rarely reading where I could set the stand up. Slipping my hand into this to hold the Kindle is so much better!

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