Saturday, December 10, 2016

Friday freebie & late Wacky Wednesday

Friday is disappearing fast! Husband took Dad for his Coumadin check and asked the nurse to check out his injuries. He has a huge black bruise on his head and under the eye on that side but the nurse said he looked okay and told him the same thing I had: if he experiences any confusion, headache or visual disturbances, he is to go to the ER immediately. While they were at the doctor's office I manged to get things a bit better organized, wrap a few gifts, and do some minor cleanup. Not too active though as I am suffering from the side effects of that course of penicillin. Got a short nap in before going to pick up the girls. Went to Cracker Barrel for dinner then to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens to see the holiday lights. Larkin ooohed and aahed. And she loved the Beanie Boo snowman, Scoops, I'd brought along for her. Saw it the other day when I did some shopping and knew she would like it.

Tomorrow is Snowball Express, the area Red hat Christmas party. Wish I were looking forward to it but I'm not. The best part will be spending some time with my pals, Mary and Joyce, and seeing some of the other ladies from our group and a few others I know. I borrowed a red top from Mary, more so she wouldn't feel Karen's discontent with my lack of compliance to dress code, than because I care. Didn't get around to making the fascinater I'd planned on so have hastily wrapped some white feather trim around a headband and added a red poinsettia that has some sequins on it. What I'm looking forward to most tomorrow is getting home, into comfortable clothes and doing some baking. My fruit cakes have not been baked yet! I am going to have to douse them with brandy a little more than usual.

But the tree is up, wreath on the door, the majority of gifts are wrapped. I've even chopped veggies except potatoes so that I can make a stew when I get home tomorrow. Next week we have 2 appointments to take Dad to and then I lose 2 days to my medical prep and procedures. I can't seem to get caught up, let alone a bit ahead.

I totally forgot to post a Wacky Wednesday freebie!
That is a Cu 4 Cu element pack I never got around to putting in stores. And the preview is missing something. See if you can figure out what lol.

And today's zip:

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