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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wednesday news & Easter Chic freebie

After several hours (Maybe more because I left while it was going on) the Cox Cable technician got everything fixed. Seems there was a glitch at the box and some other thing. Hope we will not be billed for service call. While the Cox man was at the house, I went to the hospital for the CT. When the tech came to get me she motioned me out into the hall to talk to me. My doctor ordered it done with contrast. Guess what? I'm allergic to the iodine contrast and would have reminded my doctor if he had told me. Iodine allergy is written on my chart! Of course, I'd noted it on the form at the hospital. The tech wanted to know what happened and if I'd been prepped. I calmly repeated what I had written next to the allergy information: anaphylactic shock and that after I'd been prepped with Benedryl for several days. "Oh," she said. Would I be willing to drink the other contrast they were going to use and they would skip the injection? Sure, if it wasn't likely to cause a bad reaction. So I drank about about 20 oz of what tasted like dirty water and had to wait an hour. Test only took 3 minutes. After being gone about 3 hours I got a call maybe an hour later from my doctor's nurse to say the CT was normal. Great. Really that's good news but next time I have that pain, I guess I'd best go to ER right then and maybe we can find out why it is happening.

Glad to hear that some like the Easter colors. Today I have 2 more simple papers that will read like solids and crumpled ribbons in all the colors. Working on some more elements today.

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Deb Burroughs said...

I'm glad you are OK with the CT scan - what a disaster had they not read that you were allergic! Thanks so much for the pretty ribbons!