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Monday, March 21, 2016

Ready for something new? Chat and freebie

I meant to give advance notice but didn't manage. From now on, I plan no posts for Sunday. Of course, I might surprise you once in awhile. Where have I been? Once we got the ceiling repaired and re-plastered, we did a little replacing of some objects but didn't get very far. Cox Communications in our area finally started going digital. A month or more ago, we received the digital boxes for our 2 TVs. but when they connected it all, we couldn't get channel 3 (CBS/local WTKR). Most of my favorite shows are on CBS so my husband called and spent hours (really!) on the phone with Cox technicians trying to sort it all out. They had him doing this and that, over and over again. When he said they needed to send someone out, he was told we would be charged. Now we've been customers for over 20 years, so he was angry that Cox was going to charge us for this change they were making. I made another call and got the same run around. We disconnected the digital box and proceeded as before until the change over really started happening and notices would appear on channels as they "disappeared." Tried box installation again and had same results. Hubby was threatening to go to dish when someone checked far enough to learn that a number of people in my neighborhood couldn't get CBS (my father is 20 minutes away and he could). A compromise was agreed on: a technician would be sent out. If the trouble was their fault, no fee; if our fault, $60. Turns out it is their fault; they need to add a signal booster for this area. We will get a $20 credit and the tech is due out again tomorrow. Meanwhile we can't put all the stuff back in the entertainment center because we had to pull it away from the wall and leave it that way until Cox fixes the problem and re-connects the box.
Since my birthday on 3/10 was spent removing things from the living room, we decided to go up to Dover Downs and spend a night up there. Had a road trip sing-a-long, tried a new restaurant, and played penny slots. No, didn't really come away winners, but because of the way I play, we didn't come home broke either. Rested up after all the driving, did some chores, took care of some family business, and a couple doctor appointments. Now I'm back. I was debating whether or not I wanted to do another Easter kit and did some surfing hoping for inspiration. Came across this photo in an ad:
And thought these would make great Easter colors. Tonight the first papers in Easter Chic:
I know 2 papers isn't much but I'm just getting started. Tomorrow I have to go for a CT to try to figure out where these bouts of severe upper right abdominal quadrant are coming from. Not the gallbladder; that was removed a couple years ago. Doc says it might have something to do with the mild gastro paresis. We will see.


KM Miller said...

So sorry about the cable issues. We were Comcast members for years. Every month the bill went up by a couple of dollars. Most customers I assume just pay it but we would call and ask what it was about -spending hours trying to get an answer for why the once free boxes costs $7 more each. I don't watch much TV -local and national news. However, my hubby does. One day he had had enough of the Comcast run around. Every piece of equipment that was Comcast went into a box and was delivered to one of their stores. We now run everything through Apple TV, have a Netfix membership, a very large antenna in the attic and are quite happy saving oodles of cash each month.

Wish you the best at the doc and with your television viewing situation!


Deb Burroughs said...

I gave up on watching TV years ago. I don't miss it. I hope your doctor find answers for you and thanks for taking the time to start a new kit - the colors are awesome!