Friday, March 18, 2016

A Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you!

I got to thinking about how all the papers in Celtic Charm are rather "busy" and thought you might welcome some that read more as solid. So here you are:
I also have a border and two clusters for you:
If you have gone out to lift a few Guinesses with your pals, as I'm certain my son and his fiancee have, I hope you have made it home safely. I think it's a pity that Americans tend to think first of green beer when they think of 3/17. There is certainly more to being Irish than that and I doubt St. Patrick would have approved of a drinking holiday in his name. I'm half Irish and am ashamed to say I went out today without wearing the green! I'll blame it on still being tired from our little road trip to Dover Downs. We stayed in Delaware one night and played penny slots at the casino there. We like to sit side by side playing the same game and see who fares the best. I play with an eye to coming home with a little something. It's entertainment and I never expect to win big. My system is to put $20 in the machine, play it out except when I've doubled the money I put in (so have $40 on the machine), I cash out and save that ticket. Then if I've allotted myself another $20 for the time, I put that money in and try to double it. If I lose it all, oh well, I've paid for entertainment. If all I can manage if a credit of around $20, then I've at least broke even. At the end of the day I cash in those tickets and hope to have a little profit. I usually do better than my husband who gets on a winning streak and forgets to cash out while he has a profit lol.

Tomorrow I'm off to tea with my Red Hat sisters. Unfortunately, I will miss my college, Virginia Commonwealth University, playing in their first round of the NCAA championship. I've left strict instructions with hubby that he must watch and cheer the Rams on.


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