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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Thunderstorms, heavy rain & tornadoes. Or what has been going on here. Also a new free series beginning.

My last post was what? four days ago? For two days I stayed off the computer as Virginia got hit with high winds, heavy rain, thunder, and 8 tornadoes!

The news link above states that 4 people were killed, but last I heard it was 5. Lots of destruction, even where tornadoes didn't land as the ground was saturated and the high winds took down trees and slammed a lot of things around. We were worried because of a tall pine tree in our neighbors back yard which backs up to ours. In the past a lot of the tree's limbs have been lopped off and it's top heavy towards our house. We can't have the limbs on this side cut because it would kill the tree and we would be held responsible. So we just pray it doesn't fall over and take out a big part of our house.

The weather has also made my sinuses go crazy and I've been coughing a lot which wears me out. Still croupy today and resting up but have to get some things done around here in short order. My step-daughter's birthday is Thursday and she will be coming over to have one of her favorite meals - her father's stew. Friday I'll be doing last minute clean up because my son and soon to be DIL are coming to visit on the weekend. Looking forward to that.

I started this on Wednesday and other things intervened. Sorry about that but you know, Life happens. It's Saturday now. Hubby is at Cabin Fever Pickin' Party - an annual Bluegrass Music event. Not my thing. At present I'm not in the mood to do anything but there is much to be done. Right now I'm going to start you on "Celtic Charm" and set up a few days of posts. Here is an overall preview of the kit, which you will get, as usual, in installments.
Today some papers; shown is preview of all papers. Today's zip contains 6:
If you haven't given up on me, come back tomorrow for some elements.

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Mary Tincher said...

I live in Oklahoma so am very familiar with your weather! Glad you guys are OK. Also very familiar with the sinus problems and am like you, going nuts!

Thank you so much for the lovely papers!