Sunday, August 30, 2015

We're talking wedding! & a freebie

It's really going to happen! I was begining to think I wouldn't live long enough to see my son get married (he will be 38 in December). Jeremy and his girlfriend had things they wanted to accomplish before getting married - getting out of debt (old school loans), finishing education, etc., etc. So Berkeley and Jeremy have been together 7 years and just officially became engaged this month. Jeremy designed her engagement ring and proposed to her in the Japanese Gardens at Maymount Park in Richmond, a place that was a favorite when they lived in that area.
They stopped in for short visit on their way back to PA so I could see her ring and congratulate them on making commitment to one another. Wedding is being planned for June 11 next year, which will be after she graduates from her training in laboratory technology. Yesterday evening Jeremy called and we talked for hours about the wedding plans. Looks like it is really happening!
Since the last freebie was a bright, warm color, this time I went in the other direction, looking for something cool and ended up deciding on black. Yes, I know, not a color at all but absence of color, but we think of it as a color and it's certainly not on the bright or warm side. So, here you go, A Touch Of Black. 5 full size papers and 9 elements.
Papers here: Elements here: Hope you find these useful. Hugs!

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Stacey said...

Congratulations!!! How wonderful! you must be so excited. Hopefully you'll have grandchildren too, in a couple of years. Please tell them I wish them a life of Happiness together!!

Hooray for happy news!

I love it, black is always useful, sometimes you need a hint of something dark. thanks so much!