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Sunday, August 23, 2015

More Mermaid Musings - paper zip 2 freebie

Hope you are having a nice weekend. Today I have part 2 of the papers for the Mermaid Musings journal page kit.
Link: Yesterday was fun at Horray For Hats. We met at a small restaurant that holds a little over 50 people and it was packed. Lunch was a combination of Filipino and traditional American food. Great lumpia! There was a vendor present who sold jewelry - mostly the bold sort of bling the Red Hat ladies favor. The big hit was a tiara which was snapped up quickly by one of the chapter Queens. (That's what we call the leader of a chapter). Lots of good chat and visiting. 3 people at my table won door prizes: our Queen, Mary and Cynthia won their choice of hats and I won a goodie bag that held a multi strand necklace of white beads. Normally at these events there is line dancing. Some danced to a few songs but it was a hot day and the A/C wasn't functioning properly so we gave it up quickly.
That's a group photo (Im hiding in the back). It was an occasion where we didn't have to wear our usual red and purple and could wear anything so long as we wore a hat. And here I am wearing my blues and greens:
I look so old! Overheated and tired but having fun. Don't know yet what is on tap for next month because it's Betty's turn to arrange the meeting and she is still in Florida. Got to run and put some dinner together. More soon.


Lana said...

Thank you.

Stacey said...

Thank you so much for the awesome papers! You so do not look old! you look beautiful and happy. It sounds like you had a ton of fun! good for you! - I love lumpia!

I don't know if you belong to the scrap n pieces forum, but I took their designer mentor course this summer. I have never created a kit before, much less a bundle. It was a 6 week learning experience for me. I don't think that I'll become a designer but I thought I'd send you the link in case you want to take a peek at what I did this summer.

sherry said...

What a beautiful kit :)
Thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the awesome papers. They are to get busy and make something with them.

SherryD said...

Good to hear people are enjoying this set. Stacey, I'm in process of joining forum you mentioned so I can see your work. I'm sure it's awsome.

Stacey said...

Let me know what you think. It was a long 6 weeks for sure, I wasn't sure I'd make it. I learned so much, and one thing for sure I prefer scrapping to making bundles - LOL! The papers and elements I enjoyed, even though the elements took me close to 2 weeks to finally pass quality control. Not really a fan of making templates, quick pages, or word art.

Handmaiden Dotty said...

Thank you for the great papers. First time visiting you. Hope to find more background papers to use for journaling as I look at your site. Blessings!

SherryD said...

Welcome to newcomer, Dotty. I post a lot of full size scrapbook stuff, which you might not think useful at first glance for journaling. However, I find many 12" scrapbook papers can easily be re-sized to 8.5" x 11" or cropped to that size. In my art journaling I often do that and use scrapbook elements that I resize as needed. From time to time I also post papers and elements intended for art journaling, as well as some items sized for artist trading cards which are usable for those who make tags too. This month I have at least one Halloween themed freebie scheduled per day and I'm about to post a couple art journal quick pages I made that use the Halloween Treat kit available here.

Would love to see what you (any of you) do with what you find here so don't be shy - send links to see your work. Hugs!