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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Please be patient

I managed to do something new. saw doc today and I not only have a bad case of shingles on lower back but have hives all over on top of it! Itching like crazy with a burning, peppery feeling along arms and legs making sleep difficult. So now I have a strong new antiviral to take 4x/day plus something to keep it from upsetting my tummy. Since I can't take steroids for the hives due to the antiviral, I'm on large amounts of antihistamines. Once this combo takes hold I'm likely to be half out of it for days. Just took the new meds and am going to try to crash for a few hours. Have been thinking about some new and different ideas for freebies and hope to be able to work a little later today and get something out to you. Hugs, Sher

1 comment:

Stacey said...

Sherry, I'm so sorry - don't worry about freebies till your better. You'll be in my prayers, hope you can get this cleared up in the next few days so Thanksgiving isn't so rough. don't worry your fans will wait till your up to it. Oh my shingles is bad enough - but hives too - I get hives and can't stand it - luckily since I started taking allergy meds I haven't had a recent flair up - I'll scratch my self raw.