Friday, November 14, 2014

It's the wrong time of year but it's a freebie

First, my thanks for those who expressed commiseration for the insurance problems and kaput heater. As far as the heater, part is still not in yet but yesterday temps were up in 70s! That's Tidewater weather for you - bounces all over the place. I went to the Workout Center and managed 40 reps on my aqua exercises, only feeling some spasms in lower back as I was climbing out. Usually I avoid the whirlpool and sauna because heat and humidity coupled with my fibromyalgia make me feel weak but I stuck my cramping foot in the whirlpool and found the temp tolerable so got in for a couple minutes to let the jets work on my back. Then I made the mistake of going into the inhalation room (or whatever it's called) and breathing in the eucalyptus vapor. That was only about a minute or so with my eyes closed so my eyes wouldn't burn. It's supposed to be good for you - open sinuses and bronchial tubes, is a natural antiseptic, yada yada. I've stayed away in the past because I know if I'm around dried eucalyptus for too long it triggers a migraine but I've been running food and supplies over to my Dad who has some sinus infection or cold right now and I thought this vapor might be a good idea. Because I have COPD from chronic bronchitis, I try to be careful about any respiratory problems. So I brethed in this vapor and did feel like my sinuses were cleared and my breathing easier. Nice shower and shampoo there and headed home. Started developing a bad headache about an hour later. And this afternoon temperatures dropped and it is expected to be colder tomorrow with rain and possible snow flurry. Filled out the paperwork for husband to turn in for the insurance change for him in January. Haven't heard yet what I'll be getting but I'm trying to stay positive. At my age, I can remember when good companies provided excellent health care plans for employees because they valued those who worked for them. Ditto with valuing customers without whom businesses don't stay afloat. But I'll stop there and not go into another rant. No point, is there? times have changed and change is the only constant.
Tried to get a few things done today before the chill got bad. Looked into files and found a folder with a kit I'd started some time back with the intended theme of Azalea Festival - an annual event here in Norfolk in April. Didn't get far with it but I'm offering those pieces tonight to anyone who can use them.
Link: And I'm off to find something warm to sleep in and burrow under the quilts. Hugs!

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