Monday, April 21, 2014

Hi, I'm S-H-E-R and I have C-O-P-D & a freebie for you

Spent hours today visiting my pulmonologist: breathing test, exam, breathing treatment, and prescriptions. Can't shake this cough and chest started hurting over weekend, so . . . now on antibiotics, cough suppressent, and nebulizer every 6 hours. Hopefully, this will beat it quick now. So, how about some bokeh papers? If you caught earlier post before this edit, please use link as otherwise blogger turns these into 72dpi and you'd have to resize.


Stacey said...

thanks for the beautiful papers! I'm so sorry you're COPD, but at least you have a diagnosis and know what it is and hopefully can treat it and keep it under control.

SherryD said...

Thanks Stacy. Perhaps I shouldn't have posted the COPD comment although it is true. I have early stage COPD. All the day it seemed I'd run across the commercial for the new COPD drug where people spell their names and couldn't help but think - that's me too.