Monday, April 28, 2014

Another weekend gone & a freebie

Here it is almost Monday again! The congestion in my lungs seems to be clearing - finally! But I didn't manage to do many of the things I wanted to. However, I did get two lengthy long distance phone calls. My brother, who lives in FL, called Friday and we had a good talk. He told me about his trip to CO to see his son and his wife. says he thinks he'll be able to get things settled at home inn a couple weeks, then will make that visit here. The other call was from my son, Jeremy. All is well in PA and they might come for a brief visit about mid May on their way to vacation on Outer Banks. Sure looking forward to that. I'm still trying to clean up hard drives and have made some good progress but that means I didn't create anything new today. However, here is the set of full size plaids:
No, didn't change the preview lol other than to say full size. I have come across a number of things from when I used D'Ambrosio Arts as trade name and will be putting those up soon. Might not even change trade name on them. After, all how many D'Ambrosio people do you know? Going to do a meditation session, then to bed. Got away with sandwiches and leftovers during weekend, so I'd better cook a real meal tomorrow and need to get some chores done too. Goodnight and sweet dreams.

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