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Friday, January 31, 2014

Snowed In For 3 Days

Seriously, we do not know how to deal with snow in the Tidewater area of Virginia. We have snow rarely and usually not much more than an inch or two so the cities don't have the resources to handle things effectively like Northern cities do. We have had two snowstorms with only a few days between. First one gave us about 4" here in Norfolk. This last one something between 6-12". We went from 60 degrees early last Tuesday and hours later temps had dropped over 30 degrees. For about 12 hours it snowed, some mixed with sleet. Not big fluffy flakes but lots of little stuff, most of it overnight. And most everything came to a standstill. I'd done a normal grocery run while out Tuesday so no worries there. To our surprise, my husband's transit company called to say he wouldn't be working on Wednesday. Nice but we expected he'd go back Thursday. Wrong. When the city cleared the major roads, all the snow from the street was dumped along the curb, blocking off bus shelters and making it impossible for the buses to run. (Yes, he drives a bus.) Service was cancelled for Wednesday, Thursday, and today. Rain is expected with warmer temps so maybe there will be service again on the weekend but he doesn't work then anyway. So he got an unexpected vacation. We've just been hibernating but today managed to get one car out around 9am and traveled up the road to have a big breakfast. Still lots of snow in residential areas making it hard for folks to get to the main roads and interstate. Once out of the neighborhoods, you can travel. So, what have I been doing? Nothing much - lots of napping, reading Donna Tartt's book A Secret History, and working on a collab to benefit Digi Style designs which has been doing some major updating to store. We're doing a Mardi Gras theme. Don't know exact release date yet. I went on a creative binge once I got past the colors. We were given a pretty large color swatch but I stuck to the 4 colors that were most like the traditional Mardi Gras color scheme. Here's a sneak peak at what I made: First from Wonderland Scraps, a set of 12 full size papers and 3 frames. Personal use.
And from Sher Scraps a bunch of CU4CU products, ranging from bead overlays to elements - lots of party elements. I mistakenly did separate previews for each package and now am supposed to smush them all together somehow. Not easy so I'll just sneak preview them here as a bunched set.
And here is a feathered pin freebie for you:

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Stacey said...

Hope you warm up quickly. Vegas is the same - rarely a lot of snow, so every blue moon when it does we have a snow day. been here 14yrs and only 1 so far (truly only 1 in over 50yrs here.) thanks for the beautiful gift!