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Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Little Romance Tagger Kit

Haven't done a tagger kit in ages but had some items I thought might work together, so here goes.
There are 12 tagger size backgrounds (800 x 800 pixels) and 32 tagger elements in Valentine/romance theme. All are saved at 300 dpi in case you want to print something. (Okay, it's also my habit to save at 300 dpi because I usually do full size kits and artist trading cards which I may want to print to include in lunches, letters, etc. I found that if tagger stuff is "standard" tagger size but saved at 300 dpi, you can stretch the backgrounds a bit to make the 2.5 inches x 3.5 inch ATC size.) Here's an example of a tag I made for myself with the kit.
I'm not a great tag maker and seldom use them since I don't use the mail program that supports tags. Still, it's fun to play around with. Here's a basic Valentine's tag that you may snag if you wish.
Doing the crazy weather thing here in Tidewater - was about 60 yesterday, colder today and dropping more overnight. And the weather people are talking possibility of snow again. My sinuses are going crazy! Saw my rheumatologist yesterday. After discussing the severe pain I had following our vacation trip in September and my PCP's diagnosis of degenerating discs in lower back plus arthritis, she checked a few things herself. She thinks I may have Piriformis Syndrome and is going to send me for physical therapy in hopes they can teach me some exercises that might help when the problem reoccurs. Otherwise, she said I'd done everything I reasonably could for myself. Just can't get motivated to do work that needs doing. Have gone through a couple novels my Dad brought me (Kay Scarpetta mysteries) and finished the 6th book of the Games Of Thrones series. I was hoping that would be the end of that and only reading it because I wanted to know what happened to a couple characters I'd found interesting. But no, it appears that the author is going to continue with this series forever! Oh well, that's probably it for me. Passed it along to my nieces who have the other 5. ***In one good piece of news, my niece and God-daughter, Rachel B, has been accepted to Old Dominion University! Congratulations Rachel! Love you and hope you will fulfill your dream of becoming a marine biologist.


Stacey said...

what an adorable kit. I don't do tagger myself either. Hope you feel better soon. Congrats to Rachel. I haven't read Game of Thrones, yet. the last series I read - started in 1988 and the author died after the 12th book - I was quite upset. their estate allowed another author to finish it, but it's not quite the same. My brother told me to wait to George RR Martin is done, before I start reading it, because I'd hate to have another series, cut short before the end.

SherryD said...

Hi Stacey! Friends who are watching the HBO series got me interested but I have to tell you, these novels are overlong. Something like 700-900 pages each. With this one, there were big areas I skimmed thru and that is rare for me because I'm a literature buff. I'm not interested in details of battles and so on so those were ones I read swiftly, just to glean what happened to people I'm interested in. As it happens, with book 6, many of the characters I liked are now out of the story permanently.

Got a couple good sounding books at Christmas: Mrs. Poe and King's Dr. Sleep. Meanwhile gobbling up some Patricia Cornwell mysteries dad brought me. What are you reading?