Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Mid Week, Caregiver News & Freebie

A few things have been set in motion. Home Care is scheduled to contact Dad for evaluation. Doctor is going over all his meds to see what might be changed. He started Lexapro today for depression. And I contacted one of his neighbors who does housecleaning. She was so good to my mother when Mom was battling cancer and we trust her. She totally understood the situation with Dad having gone through much the same with her father whose disposition was similar. We will meet tomorrow to consider the extent of cleaning etc needed and come up with a plan to get things done. I felt better after talking to her. Meanwhile, my brother is doing some internet research about assisted living in the area and contacting places for prices.

My dear husband realized I neede to just crash today so he canceled dinner with his daughter and grand-daughter and instead is taking them some lasagna to eat at their apartment. Told me to remain in my robe, take it easy, and try to get my mind off of things. Easier said than done. But I sure appreciate it.

Here is your next zip of Holiday Tea:

No post tomorrow as it is going to be a rough day. Will post again on Friday.


KM Miller said...

You do have a sweetheart of a hubby! Glad you are taking time for you. Praying all gets sorted out with your dad.

Had freezing rain in MN in January! Not a good thing when that happens. My husband lost his footing on the top step of our front porch, landed on the bottom step. Fractured ribs and pulled lots of muscles. So I am running the show around here between shoveling snow and helping him dress. 8) So I understand juggling several balls at once!

Take care and thank you for the Holiday Tea freebie.


Anonymous said...

so glad that things have been set in motion will put your mind at ease and you can concentrate on your own health
Hugs Suzanne