Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Back again with freebie

Yesterday was grueling. We were unable to wake dad by phone for his appointment so had to go over to get him up. Took Dad to doctor and discussed all that has been going on. She said it was time to get Home Health involved, see if they could do some physical therapy to help him regain strength. So we will be called by end of week and someone will come out to evaluate him. Doctor also suggested starting him on a mild antidepressant; he will try 110 mg of Lexapro. There is some concern that the combination of doctors he has may have him on too many blood pressure medications. Dad went over his med list with the doctor and she asked me to verify it when we got home in case any thing had changed and Dad had forgotten to update. So once we got him some breakfast, we went back to the house and I tracked down all the meds. Morning stuff was on dining room table so he can take it with breakfast so that was all fine. He sent me to the bathroom cabinet in his bedroom to check the evening meds. What a disgusting mess! I've been after him to hire someone to come in and clean because I can't do it, and he has resisted claiming it costs too much. I sort of lost it and told him we cannot have him living in a house that is so dirty and he must get cleaning help. I reminded him that with my health problems, I can't keep it all up even though I wish I could. We sort of went around about it but I insisted so tomorrow I have to call someone, get her to come out and evaluate how bad it is (very) and what the price will be to get things back in shape and then follow-up on regular basis. I also informed him that my brother is coming up to stay with him for awhile until he gets back onhis feet. Not that thom can do much more than watch him and keep him company. Thom has been disabled longer than I have, his due to a serious back injury and surgeries that did not go well.

Came home exhausted and crashed for a few hours. Then my brother and I talked for for a couple hours. I was grateful to hubby for running dinner to Dad and making dinner for us. All I managed to do was clean out dishwasher and reload. This is a chaotic time!

However, I do have some more of Holiday Tea for you:

I apologize for being so erratic and will try to work up some plan to do things on regular basis again but it is unlikely to be everyday.

*** Thanks to all for being so supportive!

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