Monday, January 23, 2017

Happy Monday! Freebie Time

First, a little news from home. On Saturday, Lisa and Cindy came to Dad's to clean. The plan was for them to clean while I took Dad out for lunch and then to see June. I'd loaded the car with a bunch of her clothes and things to deliver. Before we could leave the restaurant, Dad had a bout of diarrhea. That meant going back to the house so he could clean up and change clothes. By the time he did that it was pretty late and he was exhausted. I stayed until he was safely in bed resting. The girls did a great job cleaning up. I went by to pay them and then went back over to Dad's yesterday to bring some groceries, do 2 loads of laundry and put fresh linens on his bed. I asked him about bill paying, knowing he has been so fatigued to do much. We worked together on gathering and sorting the mail on his desk and he agreed to turn bill paying over to me until he is doing better. My name has been on his checking account for months now but we never had checks reprinted with my name and I worried that some companies might question why I was signing his checks. Went to bank today to make deposit for him and got new (free) checks ordered that will have my name on them too. The manager said no problem with me signing the ones we have right now because they have me listed and have my signature card. Also got myself an ATM card. Dad won't mess with ATMs but it will be easier for me to get cash for him this way instead of writing a check and standing in line. Now I can look at the account on-line too. Daddy stuff done, I came home and made a chicken potpie with leftover chicken.

Tomorrow Home Health is sending a physical therapist out at 3:00 p.m. so I'll go over to meet him and see what he will be doing for Dad. Plans are going forward. Now to see how much improvement can be made in Dad's condition.

Today we have zip 5 of Holiday Tea:

*** BTW - my Dropbox was full and no longer syncing so I had to delete 2016 links.

Kristi, thank you for informative links. My brother and I are looking into all avenues at this time.

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Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Hi, just saw this lovely offering and downloaded all 5...thanks a very generous especially with all the other things you are having to contend with...BLESSINGS sent your way, again, thank you for all the lovelies!