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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Romantic Papers freebie

When this posts, I will be at Go Red for Women, a regional Red Hat Society event in support of women's heart health. We will put aside our purple attire and wear all (or mostly) red. There will be all sorts of red hats, especially ones with a heart theme and I'm looking forward to seeing all the creativity that goes into these.

At the end of the week the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show will be in Hampton, just over the river from me. I used to go every year with my dear friends Sandy R., her sister, Wanda C and sometimes my Mom and Aunt Suzy. But Mom passed away, Aunt Suzy lives on Eastern Shore and isn't in good health. Sandy moved to Georgia and Wanda lives in Amelia County - a good distance away. If I go it will be by myself and I'm not likely to stay long as walking on those concrete floors in crowds wears me out. Still, it's something different to do. I should mention that I haven't quilted in a good while. Big projects are out but I do want to get back into doing some crazy quilting. That I can work on a block at a time.

Meanwhile, since my step-daughter and grand-daughter, Larkin are back in our lives, I am busily crocheting. Lisa & Larkin saw my fingerless mitts and said they would like some. I haven't been to the store to get purple yarn for Lisa's yet but Larkin wants blue. I had some soft, fluffy baby yarn in blue with flecks of beige and white here and there and thought I could make her little mitts with that but the yarn is hard to work with. Ended up making Larkin (she's just 5) a scarf and will get some regular blue to do her mitts. Just completed a pair in natural beige for my SIL in Florida and have got to mail those off. I love to crochet when I'm watching TV. That way it doesn't feel as much like I'm wasting time lol. There are a number of babies around just now and I bought some clips to make pacifier keepers for Issac (he's 6 months), Miss June's niece's expected baby, and Liv's expected great grand-daughter.

These Tweet Sweet papers were made sometime after the Love Tweet Love kit.

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