Tuesday, February 2, 2016

More freebies and news

Last night was rough due to gastro paresis and sinus headache. Still have headache now but did get out to do a little running around. Went to Dollar Deals to see if there was anything cool for Mardi Gras or St. Patrick's day or Valentines' Day. My Red Hat group will be going to a local icon restaurant, called Mary's, for our monthly meeting and our Queen Mary said we could swap out Red Hat for Mardi Gras theme if we would like. My wide brimmed red hat drives me crazy so I bought a silly plastic Mardi Gras crown at Dollar Deals and I will wear that with my purple, shawl collared top and some Mardi Gras beads. Found some tiny little green plastic leprechaun hats that I will doll up with ribbon and feathers and make a fascinator for St. Patrick's Day. Didn't find anything I felt I could use for Valentine's Day but that is okay. Have to go out to Hobby Lobby one day soon anyway. Next stop was my favorite thrift store. Did pretty well there and for just a little a little over $4.00 came away with 3 hardback recent bestsellers (0.75 each), a small heart shaped pan (0.45), and the cutest little Indian silk crossbody bag in a sort of fushia pink with gold accents. The little purse will go to grand-daughter, Larkin, who is a tall 5.5 years old. I was looking for some girly coloring books to keep on hand for the grand-daughters but Dollar Deals didn't have any coloring books so I next stopped in Big Lots. No go on that so on to Food Lion to pick up a few things. Saw a dear friend at Food Lion and talked for awhile, then shopped, came home and here I am. Guess I was gone about three hours. Got my walking in for sure and it lifted my mood.

Got some more bad news yesterday morning. The minor news was finding out that the monument company that made the double headstone for my MIL in 2007 has gone out of business. Her original purchase price, paid in full when ordered, was to include having her name and dates put on when she died. Husband had to call around locally and find another company to do that. The first and worst news came when we visited the cardiologist. My husband's nuclear stress test a couple months back had been inconclusive but appeared to show some damage. We were told by the cardiologist that my husband had a "silent heart attack" at some point in the past. We learned that heart attacks for diabetics aren't the same as for people without diabetes and diabetics are more likely to have heart attacks. On 2/9 I will take him to the Heart Hospital in Norfolk to have a cardiac catherterization. Since he has damage to his legs due to diabetes, the doctor will do this through his wrist. If he finds a minor blockage, he may be able to put a stent in right then and will just keep my husband over night. But it is possible they might find more extensive damage, like blockage in all 3 major arteries. Keep fingers crossed and, if you would, offer a prayer for John's well being. I appreciate it.

Sorry for pouring out my worries but we dare not tell my SIL about this heart problem. She is doing well but would almost certainly lose it if she had to worry over her brother right now.

And so, now we finally get to the goodies!
A Purple Pause:
Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57614067/2016%20freebies/APurplePause/ws_APurplePause_10.zip

and Motocross Fun:
Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57614067/2016%20freebies/MotocrossFun/ws_MotocrossFun_12.zip

There is one more Motocross Fun freebie which will post tomorrow. Two more A Purple Pause zips will post tomorrow and Thursday. I think with all that is going on right now that I will not try to create a new Valentine's Day kit but will instead give you the last Valentine's Day kit I sold, "Love, Tweet Love." I used that kit to make this month's blog header and also the monthly goal pages. That will start on Friday. Hope it will please you.



Crystalnva said...

THANK YOU bunches :)

KM Miller said...

Thank you again for the pieces to the Motocross Fun kit.

A burden shared is a lightened. I am sorry to hear your husband is having heart issues. We will keep him in prayer.


Deb Burroughs said...

Thanks for the lovely Purple Pause additions. I, too, will be lifting the two of you in prayer. Never hesitate to ask!