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Monday, February 22, 2016

February nearly gone and a small freebie

Hard to believe this is already the last full week of another month. I've been busy with family stuff and am just now finding time and energy to work on getting the house back in order. Today is my SIL, Paula's birthday. Happy Birthday Paula!

I'm already behind in my reading plan. I've completed reading 1370 pages but that is only 4 books. I'm reading two now and should be able to finish those by the end of the month but that leaves me 2 short. The Victoria: a Life got me bogged down. No matter how one tries to write an intimate biography of Queen Victoria, you can't avoid getting into the historical events of her time and the politics. And since Victoria was intimately connected to so many of the ruling families of her day, that's an awful lot of history and politics. It doesn't help that royals and lords often changed names when acquiring various ranks. Sorry, that is badly put, but I hope it makes some sense.

How are you doing on your monthly goals? Considering the way January ended, I didn't set any hard goals for this month. Just get taxes finished by end of the first week (completed 2/2!), get hair cut & styled ( not yet), and repot the holiday plants (finally done yesterday).

Hope you have been enjoying your Valentine treat. I've got two more small freebies for you to go with Love Tweet Love. Today, some simple word art. And I do mean simple:

One more tomorrow and then 6 days of February to go. What will I come up with?

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