Monday, May 4, 2015

Nouveau Spring freebie & other stuff

Time has been flying by lately. Seems I just finish one thing and believe I'm getting ahead and then something new pops up. The new perm . . . well, it isn't all I hoped for but I've learned that if I add mousse while my hair is still damp from shower, curls are more pronouced and I can get the right front to stay out of my eyes. Granted, the mousse makes hair a little stiff but it looks better. Who is going to come up and put their hands in my hair anyway lol?
Still have not heard from the lady I was told would contact me from the local Red Hatters. However, I did receive an invitation to a gathering in July of all area Red Hatters. It's to be a buffet and more at a local Oriental restaurant. I won't know any one but I'm going and hope to get to know a few people. And I got my official membership card and pin in the mail today, so on my way. Got to get my hat together.
Had company yesterday and before they arrived I was participating in Country Liv's Progressive Scrap over at Scrapbird: Here is my Day 1 page
We were given 4 papers and had to use at least 1 plus create an undulating border by cutting from one of the papers. We could re-color & re-size. My page is so simple compared to the others. Waiting now for link to Day 2 goodies.
Here is your new Nouveau Spring zip Links for Nouveau Spring & the earlier Touch Of Spring will remain active until the end of the month.

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Stacey said...

Love this! thanks so much! I think your paper turned out fine!