Thursday, September 18, 2014

The color is Ivory - new products, freebie, and a possible fix

Did a little more research on that Kindle Fire problem and learned that this first generation Kindle Fire has a frequent problem with not re-charging. It seems that whoever built these for Amazon didn't do such a hot job and the little port at the bottom where you recharge was shoddily soldiered to the board it sits on. As a result, over time, the port starts to break away and lose connection. Often that is the real reason for "low battery" and recharge problems, rather than the battery itself. Tech savy people have figured out how to open the Kindle, find and fix the port problem and, yes, replace battery if needed. Now my BIL is something of a tech magician and after hubby had viewed a video of a guy explaining the problem and showing how to fix it, he called BIL and told him about my problem and the talk I'd had with Amazon. BIL came by today to pick up the Kindle and is going to see if fixing the port takes care of the problem. He also agreed to order and replace battery if needed. What a great guy!
Today hubby turned 64! I took him and niece to Red Lobster for the all-you-can-eat shrimp fest. I'd made him a cheesecake (his favorite) earlier in day for dessert tonight but we're all too full lol so it will be well chilled by tomorrow night. Before we went out, I finally managed to finish up the Ivory Color Stash products I've been working on. I'd meant them to be general as the others have been but there were a couple items I wanted to use that were wedding themed. One thing led to another and I decided to devote one of the element packs to vintage ivory bridal. These will be going in the store tonight.
I know I've been bad about not posting freebies lately but I haven't forgotten you tonight. Here is an ivory freebie: 1 full size CU4CU paper and 3 vintage bride elements. 2 of the brides are rather small but would be great on tags or in clusters.
Hope you can use it. Pick it up here: Hugs!


Stacey said...

I'm hoping he can fix it so you don't have spend more money! love your new products they are so beautiful! thanks for the terrific gift too! feeling better but still not my normal self - went to the doctors for my follow up and now I have to have a whole bunch of bloodwork and tests done - but I haven't had a real physical in years so thats why. Plus as you get older they don't want to take any chances. So next week I'll be calling the lab to have all the work done - oh my not looking forward to it!

SherryD said...

Stacey, thanks for nice compliments! As much as you dread it, do get that lab work done so all can be done that's needed to get you feeling good again. I'm a "hard stick" with small veins so I do know about dreading all the blood work. But sometimes the things we think are just viruses or a cold when let go become bigger problems, so don't take that chance.