Thursday, September 25, 2014

I don't want to work, just play on PC all day!

Things have been interesting around here. :ast weekend got a surprise visit from my brother, Thom, who lives in Sarasota FL. Haven't seen him since about 10 years ago when he came up for Mom's funeral and stayed awhile. It's hard for him to travel due to severe back injury from an accident many years ago that have left him in serious pain despite multiple surgeries. It's so bad, he has a pump implanted to release Delaudin. Anyway, I was shocked by how much he's changed over this period of time. He's lost weight (which is helping his back), is losing his hair which is grayer than mine (& he's 8 yrs younger), and seemed too pale to me. It was a good visit though and he will be back in November before he heads out to spend some time with his youngest son and DIL out in Colorado. Turns out that my nephew and his wife are expecting their first child the end of December and know it's a boy. When Bryan (nephew) was expected, I appliques a bear crib quilt for him and I want to make something for his baby. Not enough time or energy to do a quilt but my niece and I have been on a crochet binge lately so we decided we'd crochet a little love for baby Hunter James. Rachel volunteered to make a crib size blanket if I'd provide the materials. I'm making a cocoon with hat and a froggy security/lovey blanket. The froggy lovey is all done except for a little bit of embroidery and putting the pieces together. will show you when finished. Had enough yarn left to make a frog cap too and that is well under way. Crochet is a great pastime for TV watching.
Lots of other things happening too, but that was the highlight. Kindle is up and running! Added another small kit to store, called End Of Summer. It was originally made for a collab at an old store and I'd forgotten I had it.
I've also got a couple freebies ready for you - just hadn't found time to post until now.
Link: Next is a fall frame made from resources by AngelMoon17 & Jassy2012. Both of these freebies are personal use only.
Link: More coming soon!

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Stacey said...

thank you for the beautiful freebies! glad you had a nice visit with your brother! Congrats on a new baby in the family!