Wednesday, July 16, 2014

We're in storm mode!

Again severe thunderstorms are hitting our area. I had a doctor's appointment at 11:15 yesterday and then some errands to run. Electricity had gone out while I was gone and stuff I left up in PS when I hurried out to appointment was gone. Had to start computers back up. Got home maybe thirty minutes before the heavens opened up again.. More homes damaged this time - fortunately not ours - but no reported injuries. Expecting more of same tomorrow. Hard to get any work done. BTW the keys were found, niece won't be coming until weekend for room cleanup as there was a conflict with SIL's plans and transportation. Have a paper for you tonight and tomorrow hope to get something else up.
Yes, another waterlily paper. Pick up here:

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Stacey said...

thanks for the beautiful papers! stay safe in those storms and be careful - lightning struck my neighbors pool and thats how I lost my last laptop. plus a whole bunch more so if you're having lighting - shut off everything. It fried my sprinkler system our house alarm - so many things, but not a computer again - as soon as I see lightning I turn everything off!