Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday is off to a great start - NOT!

I was up late last night - Mr. Killjoy (as my friend, Felice of Felice Originals , refers to fibromyalgia) was making himself known. So I worked a little on some files before trying to go to sleep. Then my husband got up for his first day back to work. It was pretty much the usual and I was beginning to drift off when the doorbell rang. At that time in the morning (before light) and with him only having closed the door minutes before, I was certain who it was. Of course, before I could get there, he was frantically ringing the bell more and banging on the door for fear I was sleeping soundly. Hubby was in a panic state. He claimed he'd unhooked the big bunch of keys he keeps on his belt to lock the door and suddenly they were gone. Didn't know where he'd put them down. So he was flying around retracing all the places he'd been trying to track them down. No luck and we are talking about a huge bunch of keys, not something that could easily disappear. Finally he grabbed his spare truck key and left for work so he wouldn't be late. Back to bed I went and tried to sleep, expecting to soon get a call from my niece who was due over this morning and wondering if I'd have time for a shower before she arrived. Fitful sleep. Got up a little before ten and took quick shower, dressed, had cereal. No messages on phone and no calls. Here it is nearly one in the afternoon and still no word from Rachel. If she wasn't coming today, it would have been nice to call and leave me a message, then I'd have gone back to sleep for awhile. As it is, I've just done a little of this and that, nothing heavy because of pain level. I'm looking for the plus side here. Okay, it's a plus that we won't be doing stuff in spare room today (I'm not getting started in afternoon and evening!). It's a plus that we have plenty leftover from yesterday's dinner so I won't have to cook. It's a plus that I cleaned up the little work left in kitchen and have a load of laundry going - that's not a bad task on painful day. It's a plus that I put 3 new products in the store yesterday so I don't have to stay on PC much today. It's a plus that once hubby gets in (please let him have found his keys!) and has lunch I'll be able to go take a nap. And tonight, while relaxing with him, I can go through some more paper work that needs sorting etc. All will be well. And I will put something up as a freebie, just give me a few hours to rest. Hope your Monday is going more smoothly. If not, try to find a plus there somewhere. Hugs!

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