Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Urgent News! Fellow Designer In Need of Help

I'm sure most scrappers know Aneta aka SweetMade and most of you know I've been on her CT for a few years now. About a month or so ago Aneta told us that she and hubby were selling everything and preparing to move their family from Washington state. I just learned that the move to Georgia where they hoped to provide a better life for their three children has gone horribly wrong. Aneta has written about a lot of this on her Facebook page and has given me permission to tell you her story as the family is in dire straits so pride must be put aside.

Without going into specifics I'll say that their plan to move in with family has not worked out. They know no one else in the area at all and find themselves without home or resources. Although Aneta did not say and I did not ask, I do not believe her husband had yet found work in the area either. Many of us with homes and jobs are struggling in this economy; can you imagine what it must be like to be without either? And with 3 children to depend upon you!

Aneta has set her entire store at 50% off (and I noticed many things are less than that) so please stop by SweetMade Inc:
And see if you can't treat yourself to a cute whimsical kit or perhaps some excellent designer resources at a real bargain price. You'll be helping out a fellow designer when you do.

Also, Sweet just let me know about a huge CU bundle she has at Divine & CU.com that you might want to check out:

Anything at all you can do will be a help. And please include Aneta and her family in your prayers.


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